Embrace Tomorrow, Sustain Today


Cesars Hotels & Resorts ensures the preservation of natural resources, minimizes environmental impact, and enhances community well-being, aligning with the brand's commitment to responsible tourism and long-term prosperity.
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Our Sustainability Policy

➢ Continuously improve our business in environmental, social, cultural, economic, quality, human rights, health, and safety aspects.

➢ Support the eradication of poverty by creating employment opportunities without discrimination based on religion, language, race, age, or culture.

➢ Ensure safe food production, waste reduction, and prevention of wastage within our premises.

➢ Provide safe and healthy food options, promoting balanced nutrition for both our guests and employees.

➢ Regularly conduct health checks and training for our employees to ensure a safe working environment and to align with their educational needs.

➢ Employ our staff in positions suitable for their training, supporting those continuing their education.

➢ Embrace the elimination of gender discrimination as a fundamental human right across all our activities and promote gender equality.

➢ Adhere to water safety criteria, reduce per capita water consumption, and ensure proper wastewater treatment.

➢ Utilize renewable energy sources to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions in all our activities and investments.

➢ Prioritize energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products in equipment procurement and renewal activities.

➢ Give preference to local and indigenous products and contribute to the healthy growth of both national and global economies.

➢ Stay updated with scientific and technological developments and adapt accordingly.

➢ Uphold the principle of “Equal Workload, Equal Pay” among our employees.

➢ Fulfill our responsibilities towards the conservation of our natural and cultural heritage.

➢ Develop a waste management plan to minimize waste generation and ensure proper disposal and recycling of waste.

➢ Raise awareness and educate guests, employees, and suppliers to promote efficient use of natural resources.

➢ Undertake efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and promote the use of public transport, bicycles, and other eco-friendly means of transportation.

➢ Highlight the increasing natural disasters due to climate change and educate our employees and guests to be prepared for such emergencies.

➢ Preserve the ecological balance and support the conservation of natural habitats in our terrestrial areas.

➢ Uphold human rights, the rule of law, and effective governance principles.

➢ Collaborate with stakeholders in all activities and interactions towards sustainability.


Our Sustainable Procurement Policy

➢ Encourage sustainable practices among our suppliers and business partners.

➢ Prefer recyclable materials in our procurement processes.

➢ Ensure our suppliers comply with environmental regulations and management systems.

➢ Opt for eco-friendly, energy-saving, and recycled materials in our procurement.

➢ Follow the principle of equal opportunities in our product and service procurement.

➢ Choose suppliers and services that prioritize the protection of wildlife, animal rights, and natural habitats.

➢ Support local production and service providers to contribute to regional development.

➢ Promote our country’s cuisine and culture by selecting regional and cultural products during procurement.


Our Prevention of Injustice Policy

➢ Protect and respect individuals who are women, children, elderly, disabled, or have special needs, and act accordingly.

➢ Encourage vigilance and awareness among our employees against all forms of abuse.

➢ Ensure the well-being and welfare of all our employees and guests regardless of gender.


Our Local Awareness Policy

➢ Contribute to the development of the local economy by supporting local employment and suppliers.

➢ Introduce natural and cultural heritage and works to all our guests.

➢ Promote our country and traditions to our guests through local products and theme nights.

➢ Undertake activities to positively impact the quality of life of local people and preserve local culture.


Our Human Resources Policy

➢ Build honest, fair, respectable, trustworthy, and transparent relationships with our employees.

➢ Instill our organizational culture and policies in our employees and nurture future conscientious managers.

➢ Prioritize the health and safety of our employees, making regulatory adjustments to ensure employee satisfaction and motivation.

➢ Provide regular training for our employees to develop themselves.

➢ Provide equal opportunities to all our employees regardless of language, religion, race, age, or culture.

➢ Ensure a safe working environment for our employees in terms of occupational health and safety.