COVID-19 Our Staff were trained on the pandemic, and all our personnel were prepared for improved hygiene conditions. After the health checks of all of our supplements and the COVID-19 vaccine, they started their work.

• 1. We check your Temperature when you enter our facility. We act according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

• 2. After disinfecting your luggage, we leave it to your rooms.

• 3. We make all your records at the reception according to safe social distance rules.

• 4. We disinfect room keys and towel cards after each use.

• 5. Our rooms are regularly sterilized with disinfectants and ULV devices approved by the Ministry of Health before each use. All room materials offered to you are for personal and single use only.

• 6. All of our staff who clean your rooms and communicate with you use disposable medical masks and gloves.

• 7. In our hotel, our isolation rooms were reserved to serve according to the Covid-19 procedure. We provide services with a special instruction procedure with a separate team for the special cleaning of our isolation rooms.

• 8. Our ventilation systems provide 100% fresh and clean air.

• 9. We rearranged all our Food and Beverage units according to safe social distance rules.

• 10. You can reach our restaurant menus from our Guest Relations Department.

• 11. All seating groups in our Food & Beverage units are regularly disinfected. Salt shaker, pepper shaker etc. in the restaurant. such products are for single use only.

• 12. The sun loungers in the pool and beach are placed according to the safe social distance. It is disinfected after each use.

• 13. Mini Club and all children's areas are regularly disinfected with disinfectant and ULV devices approved by the Ministry of Health.

• 14. All textile materials used for rooms are sterilized with special chemicals and washed at temperatures above 70 ° C.

• 15. ISO 22000 Food Safety System is implemented and audited in all of our kitchens.

• 16. There is a 24/7 Health Officer in our facility.